Free Trial Access — LIT Coaching Mentorship for Leaders

Welcome to the LIT Mentorship. This is a comprehensive program—with elements of one-on-one coaching and group support—designed to support you in bringing more power, purpose, peace, and play to your business and life. It's time for you to be the leader you are here to be.

LIT = Listen. Intuit. Takeoff. You ready?!

What’s Included in the Full Program?

  • 13 one-on-one coaching sessions with Shannon, 70 minutes each
  • 7 Business Training Modules
  • Monthly Training + Group Coaching Call
    • Calls on the 17th & 30th of every month
  • Quarterly Guest Expert Presentations

PLUS! You will also receive these special bonus gifts when you sign up now:

  • Bonus #1: ILLUMINATE Your Purpose—Career Manifestation Course (500 value)
  • Bonus #2: Six months of Awaken.Yoga (115 value)
  • Bonus #3: Monthly Spiritual Practice Workshop (300 value)

Check out what clients are saying about working with Shannon: 

“The best investment I ever made in my career” —Megan Darling
“It changed everything” —Carolyn Monden
"Spiritual but practical coaching style" —Kimi Morton
“Blowing my mind with new ways of seeing things” —Alice C. 
"The exact training my spirit needed” — Aparna Venkataraman


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