2020 VISION: Create Clarity for Your New Decade


You have the power to get clear about your purpose and mission for 2020.

This new decade is like a fresh canvas—a blank slate—for you to create something new for yourself.

Maybe you want to... start your meditation practice, commit to your spiritual growth, end a toxic relationship, overcome self-doubt, build more confidence in yourself, take a leap of faith. Taking responsibility for your life can be scary, but it's a necessary path to freedom and fulfillment.

Join me for a special online workshop to clear the past, embrace the power you have in this present moment, and harness your capacity to create something entirely new for your life.

You'll receive:

  • Insights to free yourself from past karma and limiting beliefs
  • Tools to let go of what is no longer serving you so you can break toxic patterns that seem to repeat themselves
  • Journal prompts to write your higher vision for this next decade
  • Guided meditation to connect to yourself on a deeper level
  • Inspiration to up-level your spiritual practice

Are you ready? This is a LIVE workshop with me that will be held via Zoom. I can't wait to see you! 

*The live session will be held on Thursday, January 9th @ 9PM Eastern / 6PM Pacific time. There will be a replay recording made available. Sign up below.


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