Meditation + Deep Relaxation with Shannon 

Live online sessions to breathe deep, release stress, strengthen our immune systems, and access the power of pause.



Let's gather together — from a distance.

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Hi 👋 I'm Shannon Algeo! 

I'm a meditation teacher and soul coach, and I am passionate about supporting you to reclaim your POWER, rediscover your PURPOSE, and restore your PEACE. 

Let me tell you. Nothing has helped me as much as my daily mediation practice.

To me, meditation is the simple practice of slowing down long enough to soften from the everyday harshness of "go-go-go" and "more more more" and "faster faster faster."

It is said that, "Prayer is asking. Meditation is listening."

Only YOU can take the time to listen to your own inner world. Meditation is about strengthening your relationship with your True Self — which informs every other relationship in your life.

I invite you to join me for a free 20-min meditation practice to: 

  • Slow down
  • Ease stress and anxiety
  • Experience deep inner peace
  • Breathe
  • Let your nervous system settle down
  • Heal from the inside-out

I am so grateful that you landed on this page and that you'll be joining me for a meditation session. Thank you for valuing yourself enough to carve out the space to be with you. You deserve it. 

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Xx, Shannon

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